• Ace Awards
    One outstanding teacher and one member of the support staff from each public school is honored annually for their work. In addition, an overall District Ace Award Winner is named at the Annual Ace Awards Banquet.
  • WHS Scholarships
    Over $120,000 in scholarships are awarded annually by the Foundation to college-bound Wasatch High School seniors. This amazing program has helped a number of students continue their education.
  • Business Student of the Month
  • Sterling Scholars
  • Travel Studies
    Also known as Close Up, this program is a follow up for the students who learn the basic principles of American history and governance at school. The top students are taken to Washington, D.C. for a first-hand view of the national political process.
  • UVU Conferences
  • Annual Golf Tournament
    This tournament is a fundraiser for the Education Committee of the Foundation and funds many of the programs listed here. The grand majority of these funds go towards scholarships.
  • Teacher Grants
    The Foundation awards funds each year for classroom projects designed and requested by teachers.
  • Career Studies – New York City Broadcasting
    Youth interested in careers
  • Teacher Emergency Fund
    This fund has been set up to help assist district teachers during catastrophic life experiences.
  • Teacher Recognition Fund
  • Special Needs Library