Formed in 2005 by the joining together of numerous foundations, boards, and associations, which previously operated in isolation. The Wasatch Community Foundation now represents a fresh, unified approach to volunteerism and charitable giving in the Greater Heber Valley. It supports a diverse array of activities, all centered around the single goal of elevating the social, moral and physical character and accomplishments of Wasatch County residents.

Foundation Board

  • Nate Sargent, Board Chair
  • Burke Roney, Board Past Chair
  • Deborah Van Leeuwen, Business Manager
  • Ellen Bonner, Arts Committee
  • Jeremy Hales, Education Committee Chair
  • Shauna Van Wagoner, Health Committee Chair
  • Marilyn Fowler, Service Committee Chair
  • Laurie Wynn, Publicity Committee Chair
  • Kraig Powell, Chair Emeritus
  • Ryan Starks
  • Shawn Morrow
  • Terry Shoemaker