Formed in 2006 by the joining together of numerous foundations, boards, and associations which previously operated in isolation, the Wasatch Community Foundation now represents a fresh, unified approach to volunteerism and charitable giving in the greater Heber Valley. The Foundation supports a diverse array of activities, but all are centered around the single goal of elevating the social, moral, and physical character and accomplishments of Wasatch County residents.

What does the Wasatch Community Foundation do with donations?

The Foundation makes the most of your donations by focusing on five key areas:
Here are some examples of how the Foundation has used community donations to help our residents:

• Over $900,000 was donated by individuals in our community in 2013 to help open the Pat Moran Dialysis Center at Heber Valley Medical Center. The Center is the first dialysis center in Wasatch County and is already having a significant Impact on the lives of dialysis patients right here in Heber.

• Over $148,000 in college scholarships were awarded to 121 Wasatch High School graduating seniors in 2014. Based on the generosity of our donors, every student that applied for a scholarship received one.

• The “Concert in the Park’ series has received ongoing support from the Foundation, allowing for the summertime concerts to attract over 1,000 concert-goers for each event while also providing local vendors with a promotional venue.

• The Foundation was instrumental in helping to fund the tennis courts now in use at the Wasatch County Recreation Center. The tennis courts arc used by many in our community, including Wasatch High students, senior citizens, as well as many others. Tourism has also benefited from the tennis courts, as several tournaments have been hosted at the recreation center. This facility has increased the overall health of Wasatch County, and the tennis courts will continue to be a great benefit to all who use them.

• Heber Helping Heber is an organization within the service arm of the Wasatch Community Foundation. HHH has an active Facebook group and page that connects Wasatch County residents needing products or services to those who can offer help or resources.

• We celebrate an annual day of giving. The Live Your Was Give Your Way fundraising event encourages all county residents to participate by donating, because giving feels good.

• The Foundation is also actively involved in helping to bring a women and children’s shelter to Heber. This is an urgently needed community facility, and your donations can help to make it happen.

• The Foundation was instrumental in kick-starting a campaign to drive the creation of the current rec center. With the foundation’s help, along with several community and county leaders, the Wasatch County Rec Center has become a reality.